WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Ceramic Egyptian 3 Head Ceramic Bowl
Triple Head Ceramic Hookah Bowls function just like a normal Clay Egyptian Style Hookah Bowl except there are three bowls attached to each other through a common area connector. They also come in a variety of colors to appeal to anyone. Benefits of using...
$ 5.00
White Rhino Glass Honeycomb Screens (200-Pack)
White Rhino glass honeycomb screens come in a glass jar in a 200 pack. These screens are .375" X .375"   Glass Honeycomb Screens : · Quartz Glass Screens · .375" X .375"   INCLUDES : · 200 x Glass...
$ 120.00
GBW-005 14MM BK Bowl 5 Pack
GBW-005 14MM BK Bowl 5 Pack is glass hookah accessory for packing bowls. 
$ 22.50
8-5'' Silicone AK Nectar Collector
When it's time to enjoy your favorite concentrates, it's time to bring out the big guns. Use this AK-47 Dab Straw with Titanium Tip and get ready to be blasted away. This awesome multi-colored dab straw is 9.5" long and is shaped like a...
$ 8.00
Clay Bowl with Metal Tray Attachment
Amy Deluxe Silicone Bowl is made in Germany with their patent silicone design. With the greatest quality silicone used, this silicone bowl can withstand the hottest charcoals that are in the market today.  
$ 9.00
GBW-017 14MM WH Bowl 5 Pack
GBW-017 14MM WH Bowl 5 Pack is a glass hookah accessory for packing bowls. 
$ 20.00
White Rhino Chillum Display (100-Display)
White Rhino Chillum stands 4 inches tall and has a capacity of 0.2 grams.   INCLUDES : · 100 x Chillum
$ 80.00
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White Rhino Dube Quartz Vaporizer
White Rhino Dube Quartz Vaporizer features a quartz atomizer and clear mouthpiece. The Dube is super compact portable wax vaporizer that is a little bigger then the size of a pen. Just a simple press of the button and Dube...
$ 11.00
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White Rhino Flip Chillum To Straw (49-Pack)
White Rhino Flip Chillum to straw is a revolutionary new product to the smoke shop industry. With its patent pending chillum straw glass tip allow users to use Flip as a chillum with one end and flip it to use...
$ 105.00
Sold Out
Ceramic Egyptian 4 Head Ceramic Bowl
Ceramic Egyptian 4 Head Ceramic Bowl is great for mixing shisha flavors and saves time repacking
$ 5.00
Funnel Clay Bowl
Save your shisha juice with this ingenious product! This large Funnel hookah bowl is great for enhancing the flavor of your premium shisha tobacco through its unique funnel shape. While it is similar to the Vortex bowl, the Funnel bowl has some...
$ 1.00
3 Compartment Blue Egyptian Bowl
Enhance your Hookah experience with a Triple Compartment Hookah Bowl.  With many different colors to choose from, we're sure to have the specific bowl that will match your Hookah. Triple Compartment Bowls are very durable and allow for an easy and convenient way to mix up a variety...
$ 2.50
Ceramic Single Head Egyptian Ceramic Bowl
The Ceramic Single Head Egyptian Bowl is a traditional hookah accessory for to provide you a long-lasting session.
$ 0.75
White Rhino Flat Glass Tips (100-Pack)
Flat Glass Tips : · For use with Dry Herb · Flat Mouthtip · 1.5 Inch Tall · 9mm Wide   INCLUDES : · 100 x Flat Glass Tips
$ 70.00
9mm 2 Dot Male Bowl
This 9mm 2 Dot Male bowl comes in a well-made design with durable glass and features 2 glass dots for a better handle during use. 
$ 10.00
18mm Square Head 2 Dot Frit Colored Glass Bowl
Pimp your bong without blowing your budget with this colorful herb bowl. The striking assorted colors of the bowl will instantly change your bongs appearance.
$ 6.00
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