WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
DGW876 8'' Clear Beaker W Colored Rim
The 6mm thick beaker bong by Diamond Glass features a matrix percolator that is made to blast bubbles out for a smooth smoke. This bong has got some serious weight to it, at just 8 inches this thicc beaker is made to...
$ 14.25
DGR1135 7'' Round Bottom Clear W Colored Rim
This ball rig by Diamond is one of our employee favorites at Badass Glass. Made of 5mm borosilicate glass, this piece fits easily in the palm of your hand and delivers incredible diffusion. Smoke will travel down the fixed stem to the precision-cut showerhead percolator...
$ 24.50
DGW 2907 16'' Colored Rim W Perc
Take your smoking experience to the next level with this awesome and affordable American-made bong. It's made of thick, 5mm borosilicate glass throughout with chunky tubing around the joint and neck. Durable and easy to clean, the real star of...
$ 45.00
DGW 1002 11'' Colored Rim Water Pipe W Perc
The 6mm thick beaker bong by Diamond Glass features a matrix percolator that is made to blast bubbles out for a smooth smoke. This bong has got some serious weight to it, at just 15 inches this thicc beaker is made to...
$ 30.00
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DGR1643-1 7'' Wide Bottom Black Rimmed Water Pipe
The Circ Waterpipe features a nice wide body with a perfectly angled mouth. This laser cut showerhead perc provides excellent filtration with zero drag. It's not often that a piece achieves the perfect design, but we think the Circ Waterpipe by...
$ 21.50
DGW863 16'' Frosted Glass in Assorted Colors
This Diamond Glass beaker bong features teal colored glass and a beautiful 8-arm tree percolator. Diamond glass has really perfected the shape of all their beakers including this one. An extra thick joint, diffused downstem, and shiny gold logos make...
$ 47.25
DGW942 10" Clear W Colored Rim and Beaker
Diamond Glass created a great compact 10" beaker bong that wants to find a place on your shelf. The mouthpiece comes in white, clear and green with a matching decal on the tube as well as another main decal on...
$ 33.75
DGW51K 12'' Heavy Colored Rim With Ice Catrcher Water Pipe
This little beaker is the perfect size for any smoker, allowing for larger or smaller hits, the choice is entirely yours. The double maria rings on the 14mm male bowl included, provide easy grip when you rip this bong. The...
$ 22.95
DGR1130 4'' Clear Recylcer W Colored Logo
Dab rigs offer water filtration and cooling, but can often be big and not so travel-friendly. Nectar collectors are awesome for portability, but usually lack in cooling, resulting in harsher hits. The Dab Lab Mini Rig is the perfect in-between,...
$ 19.50
DGR 1129 5'' Flat Bottom Bubbler
Wind down from the day with Diamond Glass's Modern Mini Water Pipe! The charmingly simple design is light and petite, and perfectly practical for those lazy-day sessions. The chamber takes up most of this water pipe's size, so even though...
$ 25.00
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DGW930 18'' Zig Zag Beaker
This a great scientific piece with its clean, low-maintenance design and powerful diffusion. Smoke is first diffused through a slotted downstem, sending a stream of bubbles up to the main chamber. There, smoke is treated to another round of diffusion...
$ 60.75
DGR1643-2 7'' Black Rimmed Beaker W Colored Logo (Assorted)
This beautiful flask shaped Mini Bong by Diamond Glass stands at 9 inches and features a widened tube that holds a slitted showerhead percolator for the best filtration in a small package. A twist on a classic beaker bong, this piece by Diamond...
$ 42.00
DGR138C 8'' Clear Twist Recycler
The Clear Twist Recycler by Diamond Glass recycles the vapor for a pure and clean hit.
$ 33.75
Sold Out
8" Diamond Glass Clear Round Bubbler
The 8" Diamond Glass Clear Round Bubbler sits flat with a rounded shape.
$ 42.00
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