WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
DGW876 8'' Clear Beaker W Colored Rim
The 6mm thick beaker bong by Diamond Glass features a matrix percolator that is made to blast bubbles out for a smooth smoke. This bong has got some serious weight to it, at just 8 inches this thicc beaker is made to...
$ 14.25
12" - 9mm Golden Black Beaker w 14mm Water Pipe
This 12" tall Heavy- Duty glass Water Pipe comes along with a 9mm Beaker and 14mm pipe for the smoothest hit ever. This device comes in a Black glass body adorned with the brightest of gold designs. Features: Height: 12"...
$ 22.00
Amira CK 7004
Amira CK 7004 is perfect for your next hookah session. 
$ 55.00
DGW 2907 16'' Colored Rim W Perc
Take your smoking experience to the next level with this awesome and affordable American-made bong. It's made of thick, 5mm borosilicate glass throughout with chunky tubing around the joint and neck. Durable and easy to clean, the real star of...
$ 45.00
DGR1135 7'' Round Bottom Clear W Colored Rim
This ball rig by Diamond is one of our employee favorites at Badass Glass. Made of 5mm borosilicate glass, this piece fits easily in the palm of your hand and delivers incredible diffusion. Smoke will travel down the fixed stem to the precision-cut showerhead percolator...
$ 24.50
Amira Q02 1H Blue, Purple, Green
Amira Q02 1H is perfect for your next hookah session. 
$ 40.00
5" Character Stem Hand Pipe -(5 Pack)
This 5" Hand Pipe is made from top quality glass and adorned with several character designs on the stem. Arrives in a pack of 5 pipes. Unit Price: $4.00 Features: Length: 5" Material: Glass Style: Character Design Type: Hand Pipe Color:...
$ 20.00
Ceramic Egyptian 3 Head Ceramic Bowl
Triple Head Ceramic Hookah Bowls function just like a normal Clay Egyptian Style Hookah Bowl except there are three bowls attached to each other through a common area connector. They also come in a variety of colors to appeal to anyone. Benefits of using...
$ 5.00
7'' Hitman Glass Box Water Pipe
The 7'' Box Water Pipe is a new oil rig for smoking. In the shape of a classic juice box, these themed water pipes are available in an assortment of colors and designs.
$ 15.00
12" 2 Part Silicone Camoflauge
The ultimate 2 piece unbreakable water pipe is here. It's made of silicone and is heat resistant up to 500 degrees F. The 3 hole percolator down stem and built in ice catcher make it the sure fire water pipe...
$ 13.00
10" AK 47 Silicone Water Pipe (Assorted)
Introducing a one of a kind AK-47 Silicone Water Pipe. This water pipe can be separated from the middle allowing you to fill the water pipe with water. Comes in a convenient, virtually un-breakable Silicone body. Features: Height: 10" inches...
$ 13.50
4.5" Swirl Dotted Glass Hand Pipe - (5 Pipes)
This 4.5" glass hand pipe comes with an intricate swirl and dots color pattern. The timeless silhouette and intricate designs make this is top selling device. Comes in a pack of 5 pipes.   Unit Price: $3.00 Features: Length: 4.5" inches...
$ 15.00
RM Metal Pipe
This Rick & Morty small handheld pipe is designed to pack a modest bowl of dry herbs or tobacco - and even features a cap to contain any smoke and let you carry your pre-packed bowl on the go. Features:...
$ 1.00
Sold Out
16" 1 Perk 5mm Water Pipe
This 16" 1 Perk water pipe offers an extra water chamber for the best smoke filtration. An extra water chamber allows the vapors to filter and cool for an out of this world smoke sesh. No harsh throat hits here,...
$ 28.00
Sold Out
6" - 14mm Two Toned Rig
The perfect 6" height to take on the go with a classic flask shape and a variety of two-toned color accents, it's a breakthrough piece of class engineering. The bent neck makes for an easier hit and each rig comes with a matching...
$ 9.35
Sold Out
8" - 14mm Water Pipe W Percolator
Sitting at just 8" tall, this colorful Water Pipe is the perfect piece to take on the go. Made from high quality glass, it's not only durable but a breeze to clean. Comes in an assortment of vivid colors. Features:...
$ 4.00
5" Nail Wax Bubbler
If you are looking for a well made yet affordable dab rig small enough to take on the go, this is the perfect piece! Don't underestimate the punch it packs standing at 5 inches tall. This nail wax Bubbler is...
$ 4.50
BYO Woods CK 5029
BYO Woods CK 5029 is a great hookah for your next hookah experience. 
$ 26.00
5.5" Mixed Color Heavy Hand Pipe - (5 Pipes)
This thick and durable 5.5" glass design comes in an assortment of colors with intricate twisted ribbons of color inside. Style meets durability with this glass hand pipe. Arrives in a bag of 5 pipes. Unit Price: $5.50 Features: Length:...
$ 27.50
Fish Shaped Glass Hand Pipe
These Fish shaped Glass hand pipes are a true work of art. They are hand blown so no two pieces will ever be alike. The fins act as a stand to put on display and they are still small and...
$ 7.00
4'' Twisted Handle W Purple Fumed Head Glass Hand Pipe
The 4'' Twisted Handle W Purple Fumed Head Glass Hand Pipe features a twisted-shape with purple head fume.
$ 15.00
6'' Dizzy Swirled Water Pipe
The 6'' Dizzy Swirled Water Pipe is a glass beaker style water pipe featuring blue and white swirl design.
$ 7.00
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