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E SYB | Battery Charger

E SYB | Battery Charger

The ESYB E4 Battery Charger is intelligent multi-functional charger featuring Bluetooth technology. The four bay independent battery charger, features a 2.1 inch LCD screen displaying precise voltage and battery capacity levels. The USB charging port allows for cell phone and other devices to be charged. The universal ESYB E4 Battery Charger is compatible with a wide variety of batteries such as 18650, 26650, AAAA, AAA and much more. The multi-functional battery charger will be your next go to charger because of it's wide array of capabilities and features. 


The All New S6 6-Bay Charger by ESYB is revolutionizing the charging game. Featuring 6 independent charging slots that are charged, read, and regulated individually for accurate, fast, and safe charging! The S6 features 6 LED charging indicators to notify the user when each battery is charger individually. Made from durable PC/ASB Material makes the S6 charger flame resistant and fire retardant making it one of the safest chargers on the market! Anti-reversing, short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, and overtime protection makes the S6 the ideal for charging High Quality batteries without the worry of ruining them! If you love a fast, accurate, and safe charger with a large bay quantity then the S6 Charger by ESYB is for you! 



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