MIG VAPOR | Herb-E OVP-S Vape Pen TC 510

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OVP S is a simple version of the OVP. This model is a single temp high output battery. 650 Mah capacity is leaps above the 280mah batteries. 
Difference? It will out last by double, the competition between charges.

This compact hand held discreet vape battery for your prefilled 510 cartridge will make your life easier. The single sweet spot power supply will assist your vape with a pre selected medium to high power level for your expensive oil cartridges. Spending so much on what's in your vape pen tank? Why not spend a little on a battery that will save your content and maximize the everything.OVP-S Oil Vape Pen Battery will knock your socks, off as well as place a piece of 21st century modern MIAMI vape culture in your hands.

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